Amazing stories by attorney, investigator, arbitrator, mediator, David P. Warren. Exciting stories driven by compelling characters. The law, those who operate outside the law and those who operate in places most can’t go. People you can relate to and stories that will touch you, scare you, make you sad, excited and give you hope. You will stay up late and you will not want the story to be over…

Temptation's Prisoners

By David P. Warren

Adam Mason is a partner in the new law firm of Broderick and Mason. He is a smart guy who runs a real estate, stock, and investment practice. He manages portfolios and investing for many well-off clients. People rely on Adam’s expertise and they find him trustworthy; they shouldn’t. Adam has an addiction to gambling. After Adam burns through savings he and his wife, Christine, have worked hard to save, he starts on client money. His theft is about to come to light when a stranger appears with large sums of money to invest and large commissions for Adam. Adam knows that he should find out where this money is coming from, but he has to have this client’s money to keep himself out of jail.

Christine Mason is Adam’s wife. She is a brilliant psychologist and a skilled counselor who made a big mistake. Christine allows herself to become romantically involved with one of her patients. When she tries to end the affair, the patient refuses and blackmails her; unless she continues with the affair, he will go to the State Board of Psychology and to her husband. Accompanied by her friend, Beth Braddock, Christine goes to the patient’s house to confront him and persuade him that the affair must end it all comes apart as he dies in the ensuing struggle and Christine and Beth flee the scene.

Paul Braddock is Adam’s law partner and is unaware of Adam’s gambling habit and his use of client money. The FBI is watching Adam’s investor and then they start to watch Paul and Adam, suspecting fraud and money laundering. An experienced and insightful police detective knows of Christine’s relationship with her now deceased client and is building a case to charge Christine and Beth with homicide and obstruction of justice.

When the FBI sets a trap for the mysterious investor, nothing goes as planned. The Masons and the Braddocks find themselves targeted from all directions. Staying out of prison, and even survival, both quickly become longshots for the Masons and the Braddocks.

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David P. Warren


Dave is a 38-year lawyer who emphasized employment litigation for most of those years and represented many whistleblowers. He draws on his extensive experience to bring you The Whistleblower Onslaught, the story of an energy industry executive alleging he was fired for complaining of uncorrected conditions in coal mines, which resulted in disaster. The lawsuit that follows leads to the discovery of missing and altered government records, a corporate cover-up, blackmail and someone who will do anything to end the lawsuit---anything.

Dave lives on the central coast of California with his wife Nancy where he is constantly incubating new ideas, characters, and plots that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

He has written three page-turner novels: ‘The Whistleblower Onslaught’, ‘Altering Destiny’ and ‘Sealing Fate.’ You won’t be able to put them down…

Dave writes because he loves writing. He has a passion for storytelling and for characters with human frailties that face situations and obstacles beyond their control. His novels present characters you will feel you know, as you accompany them through fast-paced journeys with many unforeseen surprises.

Other Books by David P. Warren

Personal Violation

By David P. Warren

Attorney Scott Winslow, and CIA Agent turned investigator, Lee Henry, of “The Whistleblower Onslaught,” are back with another extraordinary case.

“Personal Violation,” is a fictional account of a real world horror. A company CEO sexually harasses a female executive, and then rapes her on a business trip. The female executive, Sarah Willis, is profoundly affected, and faces the psychological impact of this violent attack in every aspect of her life. She must decide whether she will bring a case against the perpetrator. When she does, she is fired, allegedly for poor performance. Then comes claims that Sarah made up the rape to keep an affair secret from her husband.

“Personal Violation” is an enthralling story driven by believable and compelling characters. You won’t want to put it down!

Imploded Lives

By David P. Warren

On yet another busy day in Los Angeles, Mr. Abbott and Mr. Costello take the bank in broad daylight. After a brief negotiation, the hostages are released and the bank is cleared room by room.

No one remains inside - including the robbers - and a huge amount of money has gone missing without a trace.

LAPD detectives Stacey Gray and Jeff Butler begin an incredible journey to discover how the perpetrators and the money vanished in thin air, leaving no forensic evidence.

Who and where are they. And where is the money?

The Whistleblower Onslaught

By David P. Warren

Successful attorney and newly elected California Congressman Brian Madsen has a ten year marriage to his beautiful wife and seems to have it all and has done everything right—until now. At his inaugural celebration, a congratulatory kiss from a campaign staffer becomes passionate lovemaking in an upstairs bathroom. The guilt he is awaiting never finds him—but obsession does. Brian becomes involved in an embroiling affair and his fate is sealed. A fate that will lead to blackmail, murder and mortal danger to anyone Brian turns to for assistance, until there is nowhere left to turn.

Altering Destiny

By David P. Warren

The story of Lynn Kelly, whose dreams upon discovery of a million dollars in cash soon become nightmares, as she is relentlessly pursued for the money and something else—something she doesn’t even know that she has. When Lynn discovers what she has stumbled upon, she soon learns that there is no way back and nowhere to turn. Neither her unidentified pursuers, not the police, can allow her to publicly reveal what she has discovered. As Lynn attempts to run, people around her are used as pawns in a game with no limits. Lynn’s pursuers will stop at nothing to recover the money and the object.

Sealing Fate

By David P. Warren

When experienced employment attorney Scott Winslow takes on a whistleblower case for a fired energy company executive, actions are set in motion that will change lives forever. As he pursues the lawsuit, he discovers government records have been changed to hide corporate liability in the wake of a mine explosion. He then discovers that the records keeper was blackmailed by a covert entity hired to protect the company. And something else--there is someone out there who wants the case dismissed at all costs; enough to threaten, bribe and even kidnap Scott’s two young children.